Self driving car as a metaphor for the future of education

I’m a bit slow. I only just made this connection. The guy who invented the self driving car is now trying to create the self driving car for education.

His name is Sebastian Thrun and he’s CEO of a kind of online university offering free and subscription-based via their online platform. I need to unpack their business model a bit more, but that will have to wait for another post.

Back to the self-driving car though… This is possibly the metaphor for education at the moment.

There’s a fantastic article here on what it’s likely to do to the transport industry. Innovation and unemployment in other words. Read the article is a brilliant piece of analysis and I wish I’d written it.

This is now my mission: create a self driving car for my education niche… How do I start?




6 reasons why you should back Kevin Kelly’s Graphic Novel on KickStarter

I just joined Kickstarter the other day and I backed a couple of projects. It didn’t cost me very much money and I got a real… kick out of it.

Now… Kevin Kelly – who is one of my heroes and probably one of the world’s most amazing technology commentators has produced a graphic novel. It’s beyond cool…. And the best thing is that the first part is available for free. You can download from their website for free in a bunch of different formats.

However, I just wanted to point out that there are less than 60 hours to go before they meet their deadline. Currently, they don’t have enough funding to produce Part 2.

Here are my reasons why you should back Kevin Kelly’s kickstarter project called The Silver Cord:

  1. They need the funding to produce part 2. No funding = no part two. I won’t get to find out what happens. A selfish motivation to be sure.
  2. This is a story about robots, half breeds, and angels. It’s science fiction. I love science fiction. It’s a story remember, not anyone’s particular religious views.
  3. It’s posing a really interesting philosophical and religious question: What if Robots had souls? Have you ever seen the movie the Matrix? One of Kevin’s books was required reading for all the cast. Interested in learning a bit more about the artificial intelligence?
  4. The story brings together theology, science, and all sorts of geek stuff like quantum physics. Even if you’re not interested in the intersection of philosophy, theology, and technology like I am it’s just a darn good yarn.
  5. The illustrations are amazing. Download the free Part 1 and check it out.
  6. This approach, which is called crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, is possibly the future of publishing. And perhaps the future of everything.

Check out the kickstarter link here and support this great project. If you want to hear Kevin Kelly speak then check out his presentations on They are also pretty darn amazing.

Let me know in the comments if you backed it. Cheers, Graeme