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What podcasts should I listen to? Here’s everything with Yours Truly

Mathematics and Muscles – with Nathan from Barbarian Rhetoric and Damon Whitten

Nathan from Barbarian Rhetoric sits down with Damon Whitten and myself to discuss how people learn in different ways and at different speeds. We dive down a few different rabbit holes including the idea of “agency” and why you need to develop it before getting on to Damon’s new book about how to get strong, fast.

Is It All Speculative? – with Nathan from Barbarian Rhetoric and Neovictorian

Nathan from Barbarian Rhetoric negotiates multiple timezones to bring together Neovictorian and myself to discuss Neo’s books Sanity and Reality and a variety of topics from scientology to writing sex scenes in literature, surgical assassination and Te Kereru by SG Smith.

Why You Need to Have a Hobby – Morning Brew with Hunter Drew Episode 50

Hunter Drew AKA Zac Small braves a storm and poor internet connectivity to dissect reasons why you need to have a hobby with myself and Nate from Barbarian Rhetoric. We get into some of the reasons why I started doing leatherwork and got interested in craft and craftsmanship. This podcast ties into my book on Craftsmanship and 50 minute masterclass on the same.

Discussing Memerology with Professor Dr Becky

What is a meme? How do you meme? What is memerology? I sit down with rising star and memerologist, Professor Dr Becky to discuss. If you have questions about memerology you need to talk to the expert and there’s no one more expertly qualified than Professor Dr Becky.

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