The Role of Tapatoru in Meeting the NZQA’s Code of Practice: Helping Providers Embrace Cultural Competency in Tertiary Education

The Tapatoru Programme from Aotearoa, globally recognized for its culturally inclusive education, aligns well with the 2021 Code of Practice produced by NZQA. The Programme’s focus on cultural competency, learner wellbeing, and active engagement mirrors the Code’s objectives. Tapatoru supports many educational goals laid out in the Code, but does not address administrative aspects, necessitating additional strategies for full compliance.

Key Takeaways from the Tapatoru Ako Professional Practice Award: Elevating Teaching Excellence

The Tapatoru Ako Professional Practice Award, part of Ako Aotearoa’s commitment to New Zealand’s tertiary education, enriches teaching practices and embeds cultural values. The award attracts diverse educators aiming to improve teaching methods, professional values, and earn recognition. Awardees witness significant changes in teaching methods emphasizing individual learners’ needs and cultural values. Also, despite challenges, the programme enhances integration of Tikanga Maori and learners’ focus, has a profound impact on professional practices and is instrumental in shaping future educational strategies.

Celebrating the Impact of Tapatoru in Tertiary Education in 2023: Insights & Achievements

Ako Aotearoa’s Tapatoru Programme has seen major successes; 92.31% of educators have adopted new teaching approaches learned from the programme, with 91.67% overcoming challenges thanks to its support. The programme’s core values like kinship, care and respect, spirituality, and love have driven these transformations, leading to an enhanced, inclusive learning environment.

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Tapatoru Ako Professional Practice: Empowering Tertiary Education with Ako Aotearoa’s Innovative Programme

The Tapatoru Programme, influenced by Ako Aotearoa, is revolutionizing tertiary education in New Zealand. 2023 witnessed significant advancements in the programme, blending core values like relationships, respect, spirituality, and empathy into teaching methods. The programme now provides free, quality resources on Pathways Awarua and is continually expanding to cover diverse learning needs, including technology-enhanced learning and ESOL foundations. The Tapatoru Programme is molding a competent, future-ready teaching workforce in New Zealand.

Tapatoru’s Fresh Take on Professional Learning: Shaping the Future of Education

The Tapatoru Programme by Ako Aotearoa is bringing a fresh, culturally inclusive approach to professional learning for tertiary educators in New Zealand. It effectively weaves in Māori and Pacific values into education, incorporates advanced online tools for hands-on learning, and maintains a flexible structure. This innovative programme aims to create a passionate community of educators focused on cultural inclusivity.

A Closer Look at Ako Aotearoa’s Tapatoru Programme: Bringing Cultural Values to the Classroom

Explore Ako Aotearoa’s Tapatoru Programme in our latest post, highlighting its transformative impact on New Zealand’s education. Discover how it integrates Māori and Pacific values into tertiary teaching, fostering cultural competence and inclusive learning environments. A must-read for educators and anyone passionate about innovative educational practices in Aotearoa.