Free Air (Still Free Remix) – New Release from THISISGRAEME Music

New Zealand musician, THISISGRAEME, has released his latest track, ‘Free Air (Still Free Remix)’, a drum and bass instrumental featuring the hang drum. This release is part of his future goal of releasing 20 albums in the next 20 years, inspired by the Hero’s Journey narrative framework. THISISGRAEME encourages listeners to join his musical journey by following him on Spotify and Youtube, sharing his music, and subscribing to his channels.

Tapatoru’s Fresh Take on Professional Learning: Shaping the Future of Education

The Tapatoru Programme by Ako Aotearoa is bringing a fresh, culturally inclusive approach to professional learning for tertiary educators in New Zealand. It effectively weaves in Māori and Pacific values into education, incorporates advanced online tools for hands-on learning, and maintains a flexible structure. This innovative programme aims to create a passionate community of educators focused on cultural inclusivity.

A Closer Look at Ako Aotearoa’s Tapatoru Programme: Bringing Cultural Values to the Classroom

Explore Ako Aotearoa’s Tapatoru Programme in our latest post, highlighting its transformative impact on New Zealand’s education. Discover how it integrates Māori and Pacific values into tertiary teaching, fostering cultural competence and inclusive learning environments. A must-read for educators and anyone passionate about innovative educational practices in Aotearoa.