This is Graeme.

Building capability in foundation learning, vocational education and elsewhere through professional development since 2006

Delivering adult literacy and numeracy education professional development since 2007 including the NZCALNE (Voc) and all previous variations of the qualification.

Leading the development of a professional standards framework for foundation education for the TEC via Ako Aotearoa.

TInkering with micro-credentials and digital badging since quite recently. Working in applied language studies and ESOL since 1998.

Interested in entrepreneurship, service design thinking, capability building, professional development, adult education & training, trades & vocational training, instructional design, adult literacy & numeracy, education technology, export education and ESOL.

Also, sometimes I make things.

Available for consulting and advisory work in Aotearoa and internationally.

4 thoughts

  1. hello Graeme. I’m an Australian educator (adult Foundaiton Skills) who recently did a stufy tour of NZ – which was fantastic. I’d like to use your poster, or part of it, on my report cover. Wondering if that’s okay with you? I can send you more info about me, study tour and the report if you like. The Fellowship is with ISS Institute, based in Melbourne. cheers, Lindee Conway

    1. Hi Lindee. Sure, that sounds great. Yes, please send me some more info about what you’re doing. You can email me through work assess@alec.ac.nz. I’ve often wondered if we could adapt our model to fit with what you’re doing in Australia. Kind regards, Graeme

  2. Hi I’m loving your work, I am studying Adult numeracy and literacy and find your knowledge very user friendly. I would love to know how to cite and reference your work??

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