What should I read during the Covid-19 Lockdown? You should read Te Kererū by SG Smith

If you’re stuck inside or quarantined because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus then you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to do for a month.

Now… you can mainline Netflix and feel like a zombie afterwards, or you can download and read this excellent book that my wife is writing.

Sure, I’m biased but it’s a great story. It might even be the next great New Zealand novel. We’re just waiting on Taika Waititi to come back to us on his option on the movie rights once we get part 2 and 3 out.

Right now, Susan is GIVING AWAY part 1 FOR FREE. All you have to do is download it from Gumroad.

Just enter zero, that’s 0, when the shopping cart asks you how much you want to pay.

Of course, you can leave a couple of bucks if you want to. But no pressure. Just hit up the link below and download the damn book.

You can also listen to me reading the first chapter here:

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