Iconic Songs in Unusual Time Signatures: Unique Beats Unleashed

Unique Beats Unleashed: Iconic Songs in Unusual Time Signatures

Unusual Time Signatures Rock!

Embark on a sonic journey with ‘Unique Beats Unleashed’, a meticulously curated playlist featuring some of the most iconic songs that break the mold of traditional music structure.

Each track is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the genius of using unusual time signatures. From the legendary complexity of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ in 7/4 time to the rhythmic intrigue of Radiohead’s ’15 Step’ in 5/4, this playlist is an auditory treasure trove for enthusiasts of progressive rock, jazz, and beyond.

Ideal for music theory aficionados and casual listeners alike, these tracks with weird time signatures will transform your understanding and appreciation of musical composition. Dive into this eclectic mix and discover the magic of music beyond the conventional 4/4 beat.

Track List

Here’s the breakdown of tracks with alternative or unusual time signatures:

  1. “Tom Sawyer” by Rush – Features 7/8 time in the instrumental.
  2. “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers – Uses 6/8 and 7/8, with the opening in 13/4 time.
  3. “Money” by Pink Floyd – Noted for its unusual 7/4–4/4 time signature.
  4. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” by The Beatles – Uses measures of 3/8, 5/4, 6/4, 9/8, 10/8, and 12/8 time.
  5. “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin – Uses measures of 7/8 time.
  6. “Turn It On Again” by Genesis – Features 13/4 time.
  7. “15 Step” by Radiohead – In 5/4 time.
  8. “I Hung My Head” by Sting – In 9/8 time.
  9. “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails – In 10/4 time.
  10. “Blockhead” by Devo – Verses in 11/8 time.
  11. “Electric Feel” by MGMT – In 6/4 time.
  12. “Blue Ronda A La Turk” by Dave Brubeck Quartet – In 9/8 time.
  13. “Rusty Cage” by Soundgarden – Uses measures of 19/8.
  14. “Say A Little Prayer” by Burt Bacharach (sung by Dionne Warwick) – Uses both 10/4 and 11/4 times.
  15. “No One at the Wheel” by THISISGRAEME – Intelligent Drum and Bass in 7/8 time.
  16. “Take Five” by The Dave Brubeck Quartet – In 5/4 with measures of 4/4
  17. “Whipping Post” by Allman Brothers – Intro in 11/4 time.
  18. “Keep It Greasy” by Frank Zappa – Uses measures of 19/16 and 21/16 time.
  19. “The First Circle” by Pat Metheny Group – Uses measures of 12/8 and 22/8 time.
  20. “Hollow” by Bjork – In 17/8 time.
  21. “Living In The Past” by Jethro Tull – In 5/4 time.
  22. “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel – In 7/8 time.
  23. “Estimated Prophet” by Grateful Dead – In 7/8 time.
  24. “Misunderstanding” by Genesis – In 12/8 time.
  25. “Fool For You” by Curtis Mayfield – In 9/8 time.
  26. “The Count of Tuscany” by Dream Theater – Verses in 9/4.
  27. “Starless” by King Crimson – In 13/4 time.
  28. “Mission: Impossible Theme” – in 5/4 time. (Hat tip to CC for this one).

Embrace the Unconventional

As you delve into the unusual time signatures of ‘Unique Beats Unleashed’, you’ll not only be entertained but also educated on the boundless possibilities within music. This playlist, with its diverse array of artists and styles, stands as a testament to the creativity and innovation in musical expression.

It bridges the gap between the avant-garde and the mainstream, offering a fresh perspective on what music can be. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just someone who appreciates good music, these tracks will leave you with a newfound respect for the artistry involved in stepping outside the conventional boundaries of rhythm.

Embrace the unconventional and let these songs take you on an unparalleled rhythmic adventure.

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