Free Air (Still Free Remix) – New Release from THISISGRAEME Music

New Zealand musician, THISISGRAEME, has released his latest track, ‘Free Air (Still Free Remix)’, a drum and bass instrumental featuring the hang drum. This release is part of his future goal of releasing 20 albums in the next 20 years, inspired by the Hero’s Journey narrative framework. THISISGRAEME encourages listeners to join his musical journey by following him on Spotify and Youtube, sharing his music, and subscribing to his channels.

Men of Thunder and the Shining Sun (Underworld) – New Release from THISISGRAEME Music

Explore the haunting depths of ‘Men of Thunder and the Shining Sun (Underworld),’ the latest track from THISISGRAEME’s ambitious album inspired by the Hero’s Journey. Blending Viking music’s ancient rhythms with modern sonic landscapes, this piece marks a pivotal moment in the album’s narrative. Join Graeme Smith on this musical odyssey, and support his journey by streaming, sharing, and adding the track to your playlists. Discover more about Graeme’s unique blend of downtempo, world music, and drum and bass influences, and his goal to release 20 albums in 20 years.

Drum & Drummer – Exciting New Release from THISISGRAEME Music

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of percussion with “Drum & Drummer,” an instrumental drum and bass track that combines African rhythms with a touch of something special. Join us on this musical journey, discover the pun in the track title, and anticipate what the sequel will bring. Support independent music by following, sharing, and streaming the track. Stay tuned for more releases and insights into the creative process. Let’s groove together!