New Zealand Author SG Smith Releases Part 3 of Te Kererū – Stretching Her Wings, And It’s Her Best work yet

Te Kererū - Part 3: Stretching Her Wings - by SG Smith is out now

Give yourself the gift of New Zealand Fiction…!

Part 3 of SG Smith‘s novel, Te Kererū dropped the other day. You need to buy it. It’s the Christmas present you didn’t know you needed.

If you haven’t been following along, SG Smith is – of course – my wife and everything written here is also – of course – my completely biased opinion.

What’s this all about?

That’s a good question and it’s one that we have tackled before. Here are some of our previous posts on Te Kererū if you want to dig into them:

But really… what’s the story about?

The Kererū is the New Zealand native wood pidgeon, but this is not a story about birds.

Rather it’s the nickname of a enigmatic young Pākehā orphan girl who is adopted by a prestigious Māori family after her own family is killed in a terrible landslide.

Our protagonist, the lovely, but rather odd Kate Taylor, is growning up and Te Kererū -(that’s her nickname) needs to stretch her wings.

What’s emerging in Book 3 is a young woman’s coming of age story, and an “Anne of Green Gables” meets Māori and Pākehā cultural dynamics in a speculative future NZ timeline

It’s a feel-good story for the ages and you should read it now before Taika Waititi purchases the movie rights.

How do i buy Te Kererū?

If you read on below you’ll see the sales page for Part 3 of Te Kererū. It’s USD$4.99 and available as an ebook through Gumroad. It also comes bundled with Parts 1 and 2 in case you haven’t read them already.

Purchasing Te Kererū will help us tackle our next milestone which is compiling all three parts of Te Kererū and launching them together as print-on-demand novel in 2022 via Amazon.

Click below to buy Te Kererū or scroll to the end of the sales blurb.


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