New Fiction: Te Kererū, Book 2 – Shaking the Nest is out…!

Te Kereru - Te Kererū
Book 2 Shaking the Nest
SG Smith

Are you looking for some new fiction to read? Wanna read some new New Zealand Literature?

Check out Te Kererū by SG Smith

After much editing, Book 2 in SG Smith’s Te Kererū series is finally out…! This is the second instalment and it’s about another 100 pages with more of Kate’s adventures.

If you bought Book 1 it’s likely that you’re already a supporter of SG Smith’s fiction.

Get Book 2 of Te Kererū

Now you need to pony up and get Book 2 so you find out what’s happening to Katherine Taylor in her village by the Lake.

All is not what it seems. But all will not be revealed either… at least not yet.

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Also, if you know someone who might enjoy Kate’s adventures in Te Kererū The Book, please pass on this page or the link here. If they buy book 2, they’ll get book 1 FREE as I’ve bundled them together.

Start with the audio

You could also get started by listening to the first chapter of Book 1 here. Or checking out what I wrote about Book 1 here.

Here’s an extract of Book 1 of Te Kererū

The grief was real.

Everyone in the group felt it.

The earth had shaken, ripped, torn, crushed and spilled.

Most were lost.

But Whiti had somehow survived. The group had come to bring him home.

Whiti’s family had not survived. The group would also be taking them home.

The community centre had been commandeered by the relief workers. There were a few small rooms out the back.

They were using these as holding rooms to match survivors with loved ones.

These rooms were mostly unused. There weren’t many survivors.

The group were shown into one but Whiti was not there. He was en route from the hospital after being given the all-clear.

The room was not empty though.

In a corner window seat with the sun streaming in highlighting her golden hair, was a small girl. She was sitting tucked up with her head in her arms.

She looked up to see the group file in. There were no tears. She stared right through them and tucked her head back in her arms.

Nana went straight over and sat next to the child.

‘Who are you waiting for kare?’ she asked. The child looked up at Nana and climbed straight onto her lap, cuddling in close.

She didn’t seem to understand the question. But it was clear she understood that a cuddle with Nan was nicer than sitting all alone.

The Regional Chief’s son pulled a worker aside.

‘Who is the little Pākehā?’ Pāpara asked.

‘Katherine Taylor,’ the worker informed Pāpara.

Here’s an extract of Book 2 of Te Kererū

Flash forward about 10 years

She walked over to the mirror to check herself out. She felt she even looked intimidating. The black makeup really stood out making her skin look even paler than it normally did.

Whiti came over and stood with her. ‘You look really good Katie,’ he complimented her.

‘I look like I’m dead,’ Kate told him.

‘Well you are the speaker for the dead,’ Whiti said hugging her. With their makeup on he couldn’t kiss her cheek.
They stared at their reflections standing together. ‘This is it Katie. We’re going back there today,’ Whiti told her. He wasn’t sad, neither was Kate. ‘Our parents will be joining us, you know that right?’

Kate nodded, even though she wasn’t sure her parents would know who she was. ‘Make sure you call clearly for them. Our families will have a voice once again,’ Whiti told Kate.

Still not sure? Read a review

Check out this review by another author. Here’s a brief snippet of what he said about Book 1:

The story is developed through a series of scenes or vignettes, glimpses of events and pieces of conversations, a technique I also use and can appreciate.

Each chapter is a facet of a gem, and gradually we begin to see something taking shape, a mission or a destiny, and…end of Book 1.

Like the wonderful old movie serials, the present volume leaves the reader wanting more. This isn’t so common these days, but I’m all right with it.

I understand the next book will be available soon, which I hope is true. Because the only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it ended.

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