Pathways Awarua is for educators: Share this video with someone today…!

Pathways Awarua is a great free resource for learners and educators. Do you know someone that could benefit from improving their reading and maths? There’s a short video here explaining how they can use this free resource.

Are you an educator or do you know someone who is? If your answer is yes, you need to watch the video above. Instructions on how to sign up as an educator are here.

There are more videos on the Pathways Awarua website here.

Gill is the project leader for Pathways Awarua. In this video, especially for tutors, trainers and employers, she explains the aims and purpose of Pathways Awarua and how it can be effectively used within education and training programmes.

For more on our own collaboration with Pathways Awarua on the NCALNE (Voc) professional development you can have a look here.

Engaging Maori Learners: 6 Short Video Clips

These videos came out a few years ago on a DVD. We regularly use the short section on Te Whare Tapawha in the live delivery of our training. But I thought you might also be interested in the rest of the videos, particularly if you never owned a copy of the DVD.

If you click play below, you should be able to watch all 6 videos that made up the original DVD. Here’s the sequence:

  1. Introduction: Engaging Maori Learners
  2. Te Whare Tapa Wha
  3. Being Maori
  4. Powhiri
  5. Tuakana Teina
  6. Poutama

Using the TEC Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool for Adults: Video Content

Using the TEC Assessment Tool

The video below should cycle through the four videos discussing the TEC assessment tool. These are:

  1. Administering the initial assessment
  2. Administering the progress assessment
  3. Discussing the assessment tool results with learners
  4. Learners’ messages about good practice and the assessment tool.

In our live workshops we usually only get time to watch the first one, but I’d encourage you to watch them all if you have to use the TEC tool.

Embedding literacy and numeracy with the NZ Department of Corrections staff

03 Educators heart disruption

This is a summary of all of the video content to date that highlights some of our best work with the Department of Corrections.

The instructors in the various video clips have all undertaken the National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace).

This qualification, which we abbreviate to the NCALNE (Voc), teaches a system for embedding literacy and numeracy explicitly into the content and context of trades and vocational training as well as other areas.

Each entry in the list below will take you out to a separate post with video.

  1. Rachel Bulliff introducing the NCALNE (Voc) training with ALEC.
  2. Graeme Smith on the structure of ALEC’s professional development training.
  3. Ritchie Howard on how he embedded literacy and numeracy into prison painting training.
  4. Kushla Clover on how she embedded literacy and numeracy into prison grounds and horticulture training.
  5. Arnie Kumar on how he embedded literacy and numeracy into prison farming training.
  6. Jeanette Matthers and Arnie Kumar on embedding literacy and numeracy into prison horticulture and agriculture training.
  7. Ken Collins on embedding literacy and numeracy into prison building and painting training.
  8. Andy wood on embedding literacy and numeracy into prison carpentry training.
  9. Andy’s also here as well talking about how he uses a basic framing task to embed literacy and numeracy.

But you might ask a painter to teach literacy & numeracy 2013 – Part 4 – Kushla Clover

Changing the world with literacy and numeracy: This guy’s $25 education start up is now building a new school every 90 hours


This is literacy and numeracy literally changing the world… the developing world. They are now building a new school every 90 hours.The reason: 250 million primary-aged children lack basic reading writing, and maths skills and these guys intend to do something about it.

It takes US$25 to educate a child and US$25,000 to build an entire school. Watch and be inspired by Pencils of Promise. The founder, Adam Braun, started this not-for-profit, for-purpose business with $25.

Now, Adam’s award-winning nonprofit organization has broken ground on more than 150 schools around the world and has delivered over 5 million educational hours to children in poverty. Wow…!

Great podcast interview here with James Altucher interviewing Adam.

I shall call him… Mini-MOOC – ALEC, Pathways Awarua and the great unbundling of education