Free prize inside (if you come to my workshop on Thursday at the LN Symposium)

Maori Cards

This is a limited edition set of photo-cards that we made up a few years ago. I had them reprinted recently and I’ve got a bunch to give away on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s unlikely that we’ll reprint these again.

It’s small image on your screen, but each card is the size of a regular postcard.

They’re pretty cool… We use them as a resource to get people talking about Maori literacy and numeracy. The photographs are amazing and you’ll get a sense of traditional and contemporary aspects of Maori literacy and numeracy come together in the present.

We’ll give away a free set to every person who comes along to Graeme’s workshop at the LN Symposium on Thursday. We might ask you for your email address so we can contact you about the NZDipALNE when it’s ready…

If you can’t make it to the workshop then find me during the two days and ask me for a set anyway.


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