United States of Education

22014 LN Symposium USofE.002

This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently… The way forward for many of us working in education is through strategic partnerships and collaboration.

This is necessary for our survival both economically as well as psychologically.

We are stronger working together than working in our own silos. For this to work though we need to retain our special character as organisations and human beings.

Strategic partnerships and collaboration does not mean monolithic organisations buying up all the talent and then squeezing every last drop of life from those involved.

A sustainable future in education is one where my organisation succeeds when your organisation succeeds. Your win is my win. In fact, it creates a virtuous cycle of interdependence.

Tar and feather me for idealist thinking, but I’m calling this the


This is how I think of my current collaboration with Pathways Awarua, ALEC’s work with contractors, and with our major clients including the Department of Corrections, Northtec and others.

We each retain our autonomy, but something magical happens when we work together in the right way.

It’s a quiet revolution. Will you join us?

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