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UPDATED 12 Sept: At the request of the NZQA I need to make the following points clear:

  • As I mentioned in my talk, the new ALNE qualifications represent a snapshot of a particular development stage of the revised qualifications as part of the NZQA’s Targeted Review of Qualifications or TRoQ. Also, as mentioned at the conference, I am a member of the ALNE Working group and involved in this development.

Here’s the original post below:

Here’s everything for my presentation at the Literacy and Numeracy Symposium in Wellington on Thursday afternoon. It’s pretty comprehensive.

In fact, it’s so comprehensive that unless you’ve got a burning desire to really know more about our mini-MOOC I’d encourage you to attend Damon Whitten’s workshop on numeracy at the same time. He’s the real deal. And he’s drawing from a very rich set of experiences in delivering numeracy to some of the toughest and most disengaged learners we have in this country.

Graeme’s Workshop

  1. Actual handout: Click here to open the printable Google Doc handout.
  2. Graeme’s slides: 2014 LN Symposium Graeme’s SLIDES

Virtual Handouts and Other Information

NCALNE (Voc) Assessment Pathway and NZ Dip ALNE

  • If you are interested in signing up as paying NCALNE candidate, or you have staff who need to then you can email us on
  • Likewise, if you want to go on a priority wait list for the forthcoming Diploma, then flick us an email or let me know in the comments.


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2 thoughts

  1. I never saw your endorsement of my workshop!! Ha ha. That’s your generous nature getting in the way of your message. I’m not sure I can think of anyone else who recommends others within their own workshop messages!

    I didn’t have ANY handouts – let alone works of art like yours.

    On the MOOC, it does seem to be capturing and changing the education landscape. Since talking with you I am seeing it everywhere.

    By the way – my presentation was a bit dull despite a pretty good turn out. Doh!

    1. 😉 it was an experiment… I don’t really think that any more than two or three people who came to my workshop actually read my blog. And one of those was RB who was facilitating things for me any way. The other was probably Susan. Oh, and she doesn’t read it.

      The handouts were also an experiment. I wanted something annoyingly large and colourful, mainly for brand awareness. I know what happens to my conference handouts: They sit around for a couple of years before being thrown out. Handouts don’t really make any difference at these things. I just like making them. I also wanted to see if I could create it and share it totally using Google Docs.

      The big US MOOCs have social aspects, like threaded discussion forums and sharing which we don’t have in Pathways. People seem to like talking about wanting that stuff, but I’m not sure it’s effective.

      There’s a lot of managers that would like tutors to participate in online communities of practice. But I suspect that they won’t really fly.

      I think you should do your next workshop/conference/presentation on dealing with Maths Anxiety (and learning anxiety in general). Your blog post on that did the rounds of quite a few of my FB friends. It has a really wide potential audience including a lot of really smart people.

      And would make a great book: “How to win at the education game: beat learning related anxiety and succeed at personal study…” or something similar

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