Don’t be SPOOKED by the MOOC – Planning my Presentation…

2014 NCLANA Symposium ALEC Pathways Workshop.001

That’s the title of my presentation happening next week on Thursday. I’ve got a bit of an outline, but I’m still in the process of working out what I want to talk about. Here’s the basic idea.

  1. Launch the NCALNE (Voc) Assessment Pathway.
    • That’s our MOOC. It’s available via Pathways Awarua if you sign up as an educator. Or at least it’s the online delivery and assessment platform for the qualification that I teach. I’m not quite sure if it’s really a MOOC in the sense that the big American platforms are. However, it does have some of the same characteristics. And it could allow us to scale up the delivery that we do to meet an increase in demand for next year. One of my jobs is to launch this at the conference on behalf of Pathways Awarua.
    • This project is a collaborative effort between ALEC and Pathways Awarua. There’s an important underlying point here… it’s something to do with the fact that these kinds of collaborations are the way forward in education. No one organisation is going to be able to corner the market on knowledge and skills in any sector, particularly the sector that I work in. So strategic partnerships like this make innovation possible. So do great people (but that’s another post).
    • There’s probably a bunch of questions I should kick around at the workshop. I don’t know if I’ll address all of these, but the discussion might need to include:
      1. What’s a MOOC?
      2. What’s this MOOC?
      3. Who’s it for?
      4. What’s good and bad about MOOCs?
      5. And how can we address any negatives?
  2. Give an update on the new NZCALNE (Voc) qualification. 
    • I want to talk about this as well. The reason is that the current qualification – the NCALNE (Voc) is going to morph into the NZCALNE (Voc). And there will be a few changes. So I’ll highlight a few of the differences between the old and the new. This is important because once the the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ) is finished, we’ll have to go through and totally renovate our precious new MOOC and update it to match the new standards and outcomes.
    • If I can I’d like to summarise the following:
      • Strategic purpose
      • Outcomes
      • How I see it shaping up
      • Key differences to the existing NCALNE (Voc)
  3. Give an update on the new NZDALNE qualification.
    • We’re kind of at the mercy of NZQA processes for how long the new Diploma is going to take to go through the system. However, I’m feeling pretty excited about it and again, I think I need to summarise a few key details:
      • Strategic purpose
      • Outcomes
      • How I see it shaping up
      • Key differences to the existing Diploma
  4. Selling the new Assessment Pathway and NZDALNE
    • This is the marketing part. I’m terrible at marketing so just indulge me…
    • I want a list. My goal is to get a names and emails of people interested in signing up to the new NCALNE Assessment pathways as well as the new NZDALNE.
    • I’m going to offer a reward… I have a huge pile of some really cool photo cards that I created for professional development around Maori literacy and numeracy. The images were taken by a world class photographer and the set were designed by a rock and roll designer. I already offered to give these away to the conference organisers but they didn’t want them. So my goal is to give away as many as I can at my workshop. There’s no strings attached. I’ll probably give them to you even if you don’t sign up on the list.

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