REVIEW of What is Learner-Centred? 12 Concepts from Te Ao Māori You Should Embrace to Create Learning Success

I Need To Know More

“I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to see more clearly the 12 concepts from Te Ao Māori I need to embrace as an Adult Literacy and Numeracy tutor. 

I purchased it yesterday online and it instantly helped me with concepts in the NZCALNE certificate I am currently working on. 

Nearly 30 years ago I trained as a teacher and came back to EBOP to teach. Then I stopped after 7 years. I knew some of these concepts but not all of them. 

I am also the mother of a part Maori son (I am Pākehā) who very much identifies as Māori and I think somehow I understand him a little better now too. 

Heidi R”

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Author: Graeme Smith

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