How do you write an essay?

Writing essays is nearly always a painful process.

And that’s aside from the fact that programmes of study that require essay writing don’t seem to deliver the same return on investment that they used to.

The flip side is that learning to write is really a great way to learn how to think.

This is more important as a meta-skill than whatever it is that you’re writing about.

In other words, learning to write is the important thing.

I’ve had a long time to think about this and I think it’s worth developing the skill of essay writing in order to develop the associated thinking skills.

I used to be very average, when it came to writing but at university I figured out a system for writing essays that took me from B and C grades to getting A grades consistently.

And then I got a job teaching academic writing.

This forced me to make my writing process systematic so I could teach it to others.

It’s not complicated.

Here’s an outline. You need to know:

  1. The basics including how to get started
  2. How to understand your essay topic or question
  3. How to plan your essay
  4. How to write your essay

I’m fine-tuning my notes from years of teaching lots of people – lots of highly resistant people – how to write essays.

I’m releasing a book shortly on how to beat the system. It’s for you if:

  • Your stomach twists up into knots at the thought of writing academic essays
  • The thought of a blank computer screen or empty piece of paper brings fear into your heart
  • No one ever took the time to teach you a system for writing and you want to learn one.
  • You know someone at high school, college or university who’s struggling with writing.
  • You’re a non-writer looking to get started and want some practical strategies.

If you’re already a writing wizard this is not the book for you. But if you want to become one it is.


Author: Graeme Smith

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