How to get started on Assessment 2 of the NCALNE (Voc) on Maori Literacy and Numeracy


If you’re feeling like you’re having a tough time getting started on Assessment 2 of your NCALNE (Voc) on Maori Literacy and Numeracy there are quite a few resources here on my blog.

Some are feeling a little dated now and are likely to get a refresh over 2015 and moving forward, but for now here’s a plan that you could follow:

  1. Make sure you’re familiar with the latest version of our assessment template. Email us on if you need a copy.
  2. Also, all of the content for Assessment 2 is on Pathways Awarua and the instructions are here if you need to register. We have a unique join code we can supply if you haven’t already joined.
  3. Don’t forget that you probably have our ALEC Study Guide and you could skim through the material in Section 2 relating to Maori LN.
  4. Make sure your familiar with the concepts and approaches listed here.
  5. There is video content available on our Youtube channel and my blog relating to Maori LN as well which includes most of the slides I use when I do this training live with groups.
  6. You can listen to me talking through the assessment requirements here in an audio-only podcast.
  7. There’s a nice easy-to-read piece by Dr Pita Sharples here.
  8. There’s a timeline of key events in Maori LN history available here.
  9. There are a few links to different Maori LN initiatives here.
  10. You can watch a short explanation of Te Whare Tapawha here by Aroha Puketapu from the TEC.
  11. There’s also some content on Pacific LN initiatives here which relates to one particular question.
  12. Get started on Assessment Task 1: You’ve got two choices here. EITHER you can click on the Assessment Module 1 in Pathways Awarua and do it online. The Assessment modules are below the orange ribbon (the content modules are above the ribbon). OR you can work from the template in the ALEC Assessment Guide.
  13. Get in touch if you have any questions. If you’re not sure what to do then get in touch with us. Again, send an email to or ring or txt me. My phone number is in the course materials as well. Happy to talk anytime and provide whatever support or guidance you need.

Now… go for it…!

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