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  1. Graeme, that is very disturbing! That is the future we are preparing our learners for, except, what are they going to be able to work at?!

    1. I know… I’m still pondering that part. Same question applies to kids. No answers suggested in the clip. At best it’s possibly an overstatement. Eg. Not all cars will become autos, not all coffee shops will automate. The disturbing thing for me is that the promise of new technology actually may reduce total jobs rather than creating new jobs to reduce those that disappear.

  2. I watched this yesterday. It’s a great video but a little scary and a problem that needs to be addressed. I think that our “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” philosophy needs to be evaluated because there are many people willing to work its just there aren’t enough jobs for everyone educated or not. The rise of automation will be the equivalent of outsourcing and it will hurt the economy and crazy part is when it happens most experts will be acting like the problem was unforeseen.

    1. Hi James… Thanks for the comment. I’m still thinking about this and the impact as well. I agree with you that the “experts” won’t have seen it coming. I’m positive though that on the whole humans are pretty resilient and that we’ll figure out ways of prevailing in the face of these kinds of exponential changes. I’m just not sure exactly how…

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