How do I get started with leatherwork?

Are you looking for a satisfying new skill to learn? Everyone needs a creative side project, right?

Are you interested in discovering your passion for making cool stuff with your hands?

Here’s the thing… I wanna help you discover the craft of leatherwork! Check out this fantastic leather laptop sleeve I made the other day.

I’m opening up 10 spots for my two-month Leatherwork Mastery Online Mentorship.

During the online mentorship, you’re going to learn the fundamentals that will lead you to become a master leatherworker.

I’ll reveal the trade secrets you need to start building your passion for leather.

Can you imagine yourself working with leather…? Creating your own products, like wallets, belts, bags and key fobs… that you can sell to your followers… to the world…!

Picture yourself giving these unique hand-made gifts to your family and friends…

Just imagine watching their jaws dropping to the floor when you tell them you created beauties like these with your own hands…!

See, there’s power in your hands. Lets unleash it together with leather.

This Online Mentorship is only open for 10 people and the application process will close off shortly.

So, click the link here fill in your application

And be sure to check out my leatherwork gallery here or on follow @smith_bros on Instagram.

Kia ora…!

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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