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Everyone needs a creative side project

leather work

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you’ll know that I have a fascination with a few different things outside of the education world.

Most recently, this has been with recording music, but another interest, nay obsession, is bags and backpacks. And another is leather stuff… like hand stitched leather moleskine journal covers.

A couple of years ago, December 2015, to be precise, I started making stuff out of leather. I was a total newbie when I started, but now it’s coming up four years this Christmas in 2019

It’s been an interesting journey with everyone in the family trying their hand at different times.

It’s my strong recommendation that everyone learns to make something with their hands.

I mean real, physical stuff… not just with bits and bytes.

For me, at the moment, that’s leatherwork.

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