Hand Stitched Leather Moleskine Journal Cover: Update On My Latest Addiction


I wrote about my most recent addiction recently. For some reason, I just can’t get enough of hand stitched leather stationary accessories.

It’s a weird obsession. But then I have a thing for luggage as well…

In the end, I went with design superiority and ordered the  leather journal cover made by Gfeller Casemakers.


I’m very happy with it. And it fits with the new (for me) aesthetic that I’ve been mulling over since reading Anti-Fragile by Nassim Taleb.

  • This is that it’s a piece of gear that wears in, not out. I want more stuff in my life like that.


And it has a place for my pen. This has been a big deal… how to attach a pen to my notebook.

I might be the only one that obsesses over little details like this. But I just love the fact that the pen holder also functions as the mechanism that holds the cover closed as well.


The leather will darken up over time as it absorbs oils from my skin, UV light, and coffee stains.

And with so much of my life now digital, I really enjoy the analogue experience of scribbling notes and drawings in my notebook.

It’s a literacy thing I think. There’s probably some science behind it. But it works for me and that’s enough.

Author: Graeme Smith

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