I Want To Make Things With Leather


Sometimes I curse my day job. Not to mention resent the knowledge economy.

Because I’ve developed a new obsession. Well, I’m still developing it. Nurturing it. Feeding it…

I want to make things out of leather: Wallets, belts, phone cases, guitar straps, laptop sleeves, and bags. Even aprons.

Yes, aprons.

I started in December last year when I bought some basic tools and made everyone’s Christmas presents.

Now I’m coming out publically. No more closet leather working.


8 thoughts on “I Want To Make Things With Leather

    • Thanks Desiree…! Very cathartic. My definition of a hobby is something that takes money out of my pocket (rather than puts it in…) So, it’s definitely a hobby…! A lot like drinking red wine on the weekend.

  1. I so know how you feel 🙂 And you can also add it to any other hobby. You’re a fashionista? Easy. You like to write? Make book covers. You like to read? Same, or a sleeve for your glasses. You like to do archery? Even better. Me, I like to write with pens. So my new project will be a fountain pen leather case.

    Did the hand tooling grab you yet as well? 🙂 Don’t start, you’ll never stop.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the comments! I can relate re pens as well, but I’ve been holding back on that one. It looks like a very deep hole to disappear down… All the best with the fountain pen case. I haven’t tried the hand tooling yet but I will. I just have to find a style that’s not too country and western, but also not all skulls and motorbike branding. Thanks again!

      • Little tip from a beginner: Do a good course. No matter if it’s country or skulls, just do a course with someone who knows what he or she is doing. After that you can choose your pictures yourself. It’s the technique that’s what counts, and that’s the same no matter which style the patterns. 🙂
        My trainer gave me the suggestion to go for tattoo patterns, no matter which (as long as they’re not too intricate for the beginning). I’ve kept to that and had some pretty good experiences.
        And yeah, biiiiig deep hole 😉 Don’t start.

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