TEACH: What are teaching strategies?

02 Teaching Strategies mind map

In Collection 4, we talked about broad programme-level strategies. And you wrote short statements that summarised the “big picture” direction for your embedding.

Here we want to talk about a different kind of strategy – teaching strategies. These are also called instructional strategies.

In general terms, a teaching strategy is simply any teaching approach that develops learners’ knowledge, skills and awareness. In a foundation learning context, this requires critical consideration of what literacy and numeracy to teach, and how to contextualise it in your programme or training.

So the focus here, as with learning outcomes, is on your actual teaching. And we’re going to simplify things

For our purposes, there are six main teaching strategies. These refer to what you – as the trainer or tutor – might be doing when you’re teaching:

  • Discussing
  • Prompting
  • Questioning
  • Explaining
  • Giving feedback
  • Modelling

The mind map above summarises these six teaching strategies.

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