TEACH: Learning outcomes revisited – Location


We’re in the process of trying to design an online Learning Outcomes configurator. You’ll be able to select all of these options from drop-down menus and create the learning outcomes you want to embed the literacy and numeracy that your learners need into your own context. Until this is online, here’s the manual version.


  1. Choose a word on the left to frame the kind of learning.
  2. Choose a phrase on the right to add the focus area for Location.
  3. Add your own specific context.

These learning outcomes reference the progressions in the Measure and Interpret Shape and Space strand of the Learning Progressions.

Use everyday language to describe the location of objects

Give and follow instructions for movement that involve distance and directions

Use a map to specify locations and describe routes

Use bearings, grid references, terrain contours and scales to communicate and interpret locations, directions and distances

in the context of [insert your specific context]

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