ALEC Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values

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Some tweaking going on here for the latest version of our business plan… Any comments gratefully received:

Purpose: Why do we exist?

ALEC exists to provide innovative solutions, expertise, professional development and training in adult literacy and numeracy education to industry, communities, government, and our own sector.

Vision: Where are we going?

ALEC’s vision is to be the leader in adult literacy and numeracy education and consulting in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

Mission: What are we trying to do?

ALEC’s mission is to:

  1. Provide remarkable adult literacy and numeracy education products.
  2. Serve our learners, stakeholders, and communities through practical approaches to education and consulting which are grounded in best practice and current research.
  3. Become the adult literacy and numeracy education provider of choice for industry, learners, organisations, and government agencies.

Values: What are we on about?

The following whakatauki or proverb embodies many of ALEC’s values:

Mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere – It is the feathers that enable the bird to fly.

We believe that our approach to embedding literacy and numeracy into adult education can help tutors and trainers teach anything, improve learning, and help their students achieve better outcomes.

In providing our education products we strive for simplicity, clarity, good design, passion, innovative approaches based on experience and application.

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