Everybody smokes their own crack (Or reasons why we’re a winning team)


To borrow a phrase from one of my internet heroes: “Everybody smokes their own crack”. Obviously, we’re biased but we think we have a winning team at ALEC.

Here’s why. We are…

  • Small, agile, and continuously improving our delivery content.
  • Experienced and qualified academically, but practically focused due to the often “hands on” requirements of our learners.
  • Responsive to broad trends impacting education, especially in relation to technology.
  • Excellent at taking complex material and making it easy to understand for others, especially non experts.
  • Always looking for ways to support the wider sector including New Zealand’s national infrastructure for strengthening literacy and numeracy.
  • Able to work with specialists and experts and leverage technological solutions to scale our delivery up or down depending on fluctuations in the demand for training or supply of TEC funding.
  • Now able to operate with very low fixed costs.

What do you think? Anything we can add here? Disagree?

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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