Please tell the NZQA that we need to keep the NCALNE (Voc) Qualification…!

ncalneEDYour opportunity for feedback closes on Friday. Reading between the lines, there are some in the governance group who will recommend that the NCALNE (Voc) qualification is folded into a generic level 5 adult teaching qualification.

My personal view (and ALEC’s view) is that this would be a bad move.

  • Disclaimer: Obviously, we’re biased with a vested interest in keeping the NCALNE (Voc) as it’s one of our business activities to deliver this training.

The NCALNE (Voc) training is also currently part of the TEC’s implementation plan for embedding literacy and numeracy into trades and vocational training around the country. We think it delivers the goods. Or at least we think that it does when we deliver it with our team of ALEC Allstars.

Extra for experts: Read the blurb below, click through to the links, read the stuff, then email NZQA with your thoughts on the whole proposed tertiary landscape.

From NZQA Below:

Teacher Education qualifications review – landscape and other documents published

We have just published on the review webpage a proposal for a suite of qualifications (the ‘landscape’) for the Adult and Tertiary Teaching (ATT) stream of the Teacher Education (TEd) review. This proposed landscape is published for comment, to inform decisions by the Governance Group as to what qualifications will be developed further. The landscape is based on the ATT needs analysis, also published.

Please tell us what you think of this proposal to by Friday 28 February.

Please note that this landscape is for the ATT stream of the review only – there are other qualifications in the review included in the Education Specialisation and Support (ESS) stream, for which a needs analysis and landscape are being developed in partnership with the current qualifications owners and other key stakeholders. We will publish these for comment as soon as they are available

We have also just published:

– the membership of the Governance Group, the draft minutes of their first meeting, and their terms of reference

– the current version of the review plan, which may well need to adapt to suit changing circumstances, although the submission date of 28 July cannot itself be altered.

All these documents can be found on the review webpage at:

Please be assured that while we welcome comment at any time, we are particularly focused just now on the ATT landscape proposal and so your help will be valuable. Thank you in advance.

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