A Tertiary Educator’s Guide to Technology, AI and Cultural Responsiveness: Or Why You Need to Understand and Embrace the Untapped Digital Landscape

Explore the transformative role of technology in New Zealand’s tertiary education sector. This comprehensive guide covers digital literacy, AI tools, ethical considerations, and the integration of Māori values. Ideal for vocational trainers, academic lecturers, and adult community educators.

Unlocking Potential: The Game-Changing Role of Chat GPT and AI in Trades, Vocational, and University Settings

Explore the transformative role of Chat GPT in tertiary education, bridging the gap between theoretical and practical learning across trades, vocational programs, and universities. Dive into the innovative ways AI is reshaping learning experiences and discover its potential in career preparation and online education.

Why Adult Literacy and Numeracy Levels are Declining in New Zealand – And What About the Effects of COVID 19?

Why Adult Literacy and Numeracy Levels are Declining in New Zealand. LN levels have been on the decline for possibly 20 years or more in NZ. Why do we have this problem with low adult literacy and numeracy? In other words, how did we get here? What are the main kaupapa contributing to this? What about the effects of COVID-19?