Wanna help Graeme design the new NZCALNE qualification…?

The existing NCALNE (Voc) qualification is fit for purpose for a while yet. However, the new version is on the framework. We’ve finished working on the new assessment standards. but they won’t be available until later this year.

In the meantime, it’s time to start thinking about what the redesign of our course will look like. We’ve already got a bunch of ideas, but there are few things we really need some feedback on.

Please have a read below and vote. This is a great chance to participate in a crowd-sourced design process for this new qualification.

If you have already voted on these from one of my other posts, don’t worry the site won’t let you vote again. So just have a go, and you’ll be reminded if you’ve already voted for a particular thing.

Also, if you have other ideas for content or assessment design, please let me know in the comments or by emailing assess@alec.ac.nz

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4 thoughts

  1. Two things are presently happening in my workplace.
    1. Busy with my NCALNE at the moment.
    2. Using LNAAT on the students in my class. We are a tertiary education institution called Yoobee and recently purchased by ACG. My classes are 15 weeks long and range between 15 – 24 students. The real test comes in when the students are asked to write a paragraph for an ebook that they are designing. Out of 24 students, not one had everything correct.

    I have now been using LNAAT and Pathways Awarua since last year. Using PA has shown some increase in literature and mathematics with most students.

    The fact is that my top students are middle class and range in the 4 – 6 in L & N.
    Maori and Pasifika range in the 3 – 4 L & N.
    My bottom line is made up of International students that have residency and thus count as domestic students.

    I think that if we change the way the NCALNE is taught, we should be adding the international domestic students factor in a big way. Also, we need to somehow make this more exciting for the students. PA is a great resource, but there needs to be a fun element in there to make the students want to do it. It’s not enough to say that this will affect your future in the workplace. There need to be games, played in groups with prizes. Maybe simple spelling competitions? I’ve tried to get my students involved in two different word games for mobiles. One is WordBrain and the other is called Letterfall. Try them out and see what you think. Some ask me if they can play that instead of PA, but I try to suggest to do both.

    Anyway, these are just some of my experiences.
    Hope this helps

    1. Hi Angelo. Thanks very much for this. It’s great to hear of your experiences especially with Pathways Awarua. I’ll pass on your comments about this. The new version of the NCALNE (the NZCALNE) is definitely going to have a focus on ESOL learners – this doesn’t specify whether they are domestic or international. So hopefully, this will be helpful to others in a similar situation to you

      Are you doing your NCALNE through Pathways as well?

      Kind regards, Graeme

      1. Hi Graeme,
        We are doing our NCALNE through Manukau Institute of Technology, but some of us are doing the professional development exercises on Pathways Awarua too.

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