Should NZCALNE (Voc) Candidates write a report for their first assessment in the new qualification?

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In the existing version of the qualification – the NCALNE (Voc) – we have the option to include various electives. The one that we have used the most is Unit Standard 9685. This requires people to write an analytical report for their first assessment.

This has worked well for us, because it allows us to model the embedding process in our own course. However, these electives won’t exist under the new qualification.

So here’s my question:

  • Should we restructure the first assessment so that candidates no longer have to write it up as a report?

They’ll still have to do something. But short written answers may remove the academic (or  psychological) barriers posed by writing an analytical report.

At least, that’s what I’m thinking. I do like the report format because it encourages critical thinking. But there are other ways that we can encourage this in the assessment task

Any thoughts? Let us know by voting and in the comment section.


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