Learner Observation Checklist for Listening & Speaking Skills

The other day I posted my versions of the some tools to use with learners for numeracy diagnostic assessment. I’ve also written before about creating your own contextualised vocabulary diagnostics including developing a word bank.

This post continues along the same line, but with a learner observation checklist for listening and speaking skills. This is a stripped down version of some of the material that you can find in the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy.

Just so it’s clear: this is an observation checklist for a tutor or trainer to use when observing a learner. It’s not something to hand out to a learner to complete.

Basically, it’s a very simple checklist that allows you to check off whether you are seeing different kinds of behaviours that may indicate that a learner has listening and speaking difficulties of some kind.

The implication, of course, is that the checklist could be part of your diagnostic process and that you would then use your findings here to target learner skill development in the required areas.

If you want to, you can score the answers so you can compare over time. The higher the score, the more likely that the learner in question has listening and speaking issues in these areas.

Here’s the download link. The PDF should be the same as the images below:


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