Numeracy diagnostic questions: Before there was the Assessment Tool there was this…

Before the assessment tool we had this handy set of questions (see the Youtube clip below). You can still use it and it works great…!

Just click below to watch it as a movie with 5 sec intervals between questions. No audio on this one. If you use it with your learners just read the questions out loud to them. If I get time I’ll record one with audio as well.

Each pair of questions for each section focuses on one step from that particular Number Progression.

Just a note: The questions in the Place Value Progression – that’s the middle set of questions – start at step 2. That’s why there are less questions. This implies that the other knowledge from Number Sequence and Number facts for step 1 is already in place.

If you are working on your NCALNE (Voc) qualification, this diagnostic could be part of your work for Assessment 4 which is all about Knowing the Learner and undertaking literacy and numeracy diagnostic assessments.

If you have a Mac you can download my Keynote file for the slides here:

I also have a PDF version that you can print out and use as a paper-based version of the diagnostic. It’s the same as the images below – 2 pages:

Hat tip: Thanks to Janet Hogan for her initial set of slides for this. Also, you can find this content in the Teaching Adults to Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems support guide for the Learning Progressions.

Num Diagnostic pt 1Num Diagnostic pt 2

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