Free online Literacy and Numeracy Professional Development Training via Pathways Awarua NCALNE Lite


If you teach trades or do vocational training of some kind you need to check out our free NCALNE Lite modules on Pathways Awarua. We’re just finalising the last two modules, which means the whole programme will be online.

This is theย lite version of the National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Vocational/workplace) – otherwise known as the NCALNE (Voc).

It works in two ways. One is a “try before you buy” approach to the full NCALNE (Voc). There are no assessments required. You can just have a play and work your way through the modules.

The other way, is that if you are a paid up enrolled learner with us, the eight online modules will provide you with the support you need to complete the training. This is especially true if you’re not part of one of our industry groups around the country.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments. Otherwise, please pass this on to a staff member who needs it.

Author: Graeme Smith

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5 thoughts

  1. Hi Graeme
    Great resource! Just wondering if you are planning to have a reporting module with this, with large organisations like ours, it would be awesome to be able to keep track of our learners. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Michelle

      Great idea. I’ll have a chat to the team at Pathways. I know this kind of functionality exists with some of the other LN modules for learners, so they might be able to do something similar for educators working through the PD pathways. I’ll post any update here. Cheers, Graeme

      1. Hi Graeme
        Thanks for your reply. Sorry, my comment in this post was a bit off topic! I was enquring about reporting that eductors could access for the LLN modules for learners, not the pd modules for educators (although I’m sure that would be useful too for some organisations).

  2. Sorry. Yes that functionality already exists. And next year Pathways will look at adding admin tracking for keeping an eye on educators working through the PD modules as well. I suggest you email Pathways direct for more info on how to access the existing tracking. Try or leave a message on their Facebook page.

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