Playing The Email Game is Helping me Clear Emails Faster and get to ZERO inbox


I discovered this cool app. It’s called The Email Game and it’s free. It’s helping me get my mailbox under control and often to ZERO INBOX which is kind of like the holy grail for me.

It only works with Gmail and Google Apps… which means perhaps you should consider switching away from Outlook if you haven’t already. We switched to Google Apps over a year ago and haven’t looked back.

It also crashes occasionally. But even with bugs, I’m getting through more emails fasters. I tend to have some days where I never clear emails at all (I know, I know…) so usually when I come back to my inbox it’s out of control.

The Email Game uses a thing called Boomerang which means I can temporarily archive emails that I don’t want to deal with. They pop back up after the time span that I set.

Also, you have to commit to some kind of email action… it forces you to…

It might not seem like much, but the psychological pay off of having zero inbox, even temporarily for me is huge.

Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers, G

Author: Graeme Smith

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