Exporting the NZ’s baseline knowledge and skills for embedding literacy and numeracy

NZ-Educated-smallI’ve been excited about this before… Usually, my elation is crushed by some annoying practical reality of funding or compliance.

However, a new set of draft NZQA rules may make it possible for us to export NZ’s baseline knowledge and skills for embedding literacy and numeracy. I think there is a market for it, especially using frameworks for integrating indigenous pedagogies.

I got the NZQA draft rules by email. There’s a link to the NZQA page for consultation but this particular set of rules wasn’t there when I checked it. Hopefully, by the time you read this NZQA will have updated the online list.

If you want to see the document and the link doesn’t work, leave a message below and I’ll forward it to you. There’s a couple of key things from my side:

  • One relates to the titles of the qualifications (Page 3): I would prefer option 2, i.e. “Adult Literacy Education & Consulting (ALEC) Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace).” Even though the qualification title is quite longwinded, adding our company name would increase opportunities to tie into our brand and link the training directly to us and our reputation. Having a list of countries (Option 1) would immediately limit the export opportunities and actively exclude and discourage interest from potential students.
  • The other relates to Offshore Delivery rules (Page 4): This is still not clear for me. I want to deliver the international version of my course 100% by distance using online learning via interactive modules, video lessons (like Kahn Academy), some online and print-based media and then assess portfolio evidence that the candidates submit electronically. I anticipate that any interested parties will be completing the work while they are also working part or full time and will be geographically dispersed around the world in mostly English-speaking countries. At no point am I considering opening an overseas campus in any particular location. My niche is rather small, but big enough as long as I don’t have to be constrained by the geography. Course delivery would be online from NZ. Candidates for assessment could live and work anywhere. My reading of the offshore delivery is that the scenario in mind is at a physical location in a foreign country. I’d like some clarification around this if possible.
I’d really like to support this in the strongest way possible. 
I have a very clear idea of what I want to do and I’d like to be able to do this within the NZQA framework. If these rules are a match for how I want to redevelop my product for international export I would be happy to submit it to the NZQA for approval in the very near future if you are looking for a test case, or an NZQA-friendly provider to work with in developing these rules further.
Any thoughts…?

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