Unlocking Well-Being through 6 States of Mauri: An Exploration of Conny Huaki’s Mauri Cards

By Conny Huaki & Graeme Smith

Unlocking Well-Being through Mauri: An Exploration of Conny Huaki's Mauri Cards

A Journey into Well-Being and Māori Philosophy

In the pursuit of well-being and self-awareness, we often seek tools that aid mental balance. The Mauri Cards have emerged as an effective means to engage with our inner selves. Rooted in Māori philosophy, mauri represents the essence of life force, a concept captured by these cards.

These cards were developed as part of ongoing work in education to integrate mental health and Hauora, the Māori understanding of health and wellness. Their use extends to different learning environments, from adult education to programmes for Māori inmates.

Conny Huaki, a friend and the creative mind behind these cards, has focused her passion on well-being and cultural awareness to create this tool. Her work goes beyond education, resonating with community, empathy, and self-realisation.

This blog post serves two purposes: 

  • to explain the mauri cards, their function, and the philosophy they embody, and 
  • to acknowledge Conny Huaki’s creativity and personal connection that has positively impacted many lives.

Join us in exploring the Mauri cards, a subject that offers insight into ourselves and the cultural heritage they represent.

Understanding Mauri and Its Role in Well-Being

Mauri, within Māori philosophy, embodies the vital essence or life force inherent in everything. It’s a symbol of the energy linking the physical and spiritual worlds, reflecting the dynamic interconnections that sustain life.

This understanding of Mauri interweaves with the concept of Hauora, representing the Māori holistic view of health. Hauora encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, with Mauri symbolising the balance between them. 

When in harmony, Mauri nurtures well-being within an individual and their surroundings. An imbalance, conversely, can lead to illness or relationship discord.

Although profound, the concept of Mauri may appear abstract. The mauri cards help to bridge this gap, offering tangible illustrations of Mauri’s different states, thereby rendering the abstract into something more accessible.

These cards function as tools for self-reflection and mental well-being, aiding users, including adult learners, in understanding and connecting with their emotional and mental states. Within the context of education, they weave Māori values into the fabric of learning, promoting an inclusive methodology that caters to learners’ multifaceted needs.

In the following section, we’ll explore the cards themselves, shedding light on their development and the insights they provide.

The Six States of Mauri

The mauri cards create a tangible connection to the concept of Mauri, identifying six distinct states. Each state encapsulates various mental and emotional conditions, offering insight into different facets of well-being:

  1. Mauri Tau
    • Symbolising tranquillity and equilibrium, Mauri Tau encourages mindfulness, relaxation, and inner peace. It represents moments of perfect alignment and balance.
  2. Mauri Pouri
    • Reflecting feelings of sorrow or sadness, Mauri Pouri stresses the importance of recognising and empathising with one’s emotional pain. It reminds us that sorrow is an intrinsic part of the human condition.
  3. Mauri Noho
    • Centred on rest, Mauri Noho highlights the value in stillness and physical and mental recharge. It promotes the appreciation of quiet and restorative activities.
  4. Mauri Oho
    • A state of energy and creativity, Mauri Oho signifies receptiveness to innovation and challenges. It fosters the embrace of new ideas and a vibrant approach to life.
  5. Mauri Moe
    • With an emphasis on latent potential, Mauri Moe encourages an awareness of unseen possibilities. It invites growth through rest, acknowledging the potential that lies within.
  6. Mauri Ora
    • A dynamic and active state, Mauri Ora is about the pursuit of full potential in every aspect of life. It nurtures physical, mental, and spiritual vitality, advocating living with intention and purpose.

These six states of Mauri provide practical tools for self-reflection and personal growth. By translating the abstract concept of Mauri into tangible forms, they facilitate engagement with emotional and mental well-being. In doing so, they capture the rich cultural wisdom of Māori customary practices, making them accessible and resonant.

The Inspiration Behind the Mauri Cards

Conny Huaki’s creation of the mauri cards is an expression of cultural empathy and commitment to mental well-being. Born from a fusion of passion, professional acumen, and Māori philosophy, these cards are an embodiment of a profound cultural journey.

Conny’s deep connection to Māori culture fuelled her ambition to forge a link between ancestral wisdom and contemporary mental health practices. Her path is a testament to her commitment to Hauora (holistic health) and its practical application in daily life.

Driven by personal encounters and the necessity for tangible interaction with mental and emotional states, Conny embarked on a creative process that melded research, collaboration, and incorporation of Māori values.

With a background in education and a strong connection to Māori heritage, Conny’s expertise shaped the mauri cards. Her ambition to craft a culturally resonant tool enhances the user’s ability to navigate their mental landscape, nurturing self-awareness and fortitude.

Alignment with Māori Culture

The mauri cards align with Māori cultural principles. They resonate with the concepts of Mauri (life force) and Hauora (holistic health), honouring Māori heritage through their thoughtfully designed symbolism and uplifting affirmations.

This innovative blend of tradition and creativity stands as a heartfelt effort to enhance mental well-being. The cards exemplify how cultural values can be meaningfully interwoven with contemporary practices, demonstrating the immense potential of cultural wisdom in shaping positive change and transformation.

Application and Impact

We believe the Mauri cards will become an effective tool with substantial reach, resonating particularly within education, including with adult learners and ākonga (students). Designed to be used as both pre and post-checks in learning sessions, the cards facilitate reflection on mental states and extend beyond traditional education settings.

They hold potential as instruments for promoting self-awareness and dialogue within programmes that incorporate mental health and Hauora (holistic health), acting as an avenue towards personal development. By representing various states of Mauri, they enable individuals to articulate and reflect upon their emotional conditions.

Users are likely to value the constructive learning environment fostered by the cards and the positive affirmations that encourage personal growth. The Mauri cards stand as more than just symbols of empathy and cultural resonance; they promise to assert their worth as teaching aids and catalysts for mental enhancement.

Conny’s creation of these cards presents a thoughtful combination of cultural wisdom and contemporary needs, marking a notable contribution to the field. Her efforts promise a tool that might significantly influence the way emotional well-being is approached and understood.


We invite you to download and try this free version of the Māuri cards. They are the intellectual property of Conny Huaki, and any use of them should properly acknowledge her as the creator.

The mauri cards present a practical embodiment of Māori philosophy and holistic well-being, moving beyond theory to provide a functional tool.

Potential collaborations with educational and therapeutic organisations could increase the influence of the Mauri cards. Conny’s focused efforts in crafting tools for mental wellness highlight her determination to weave Māori culture into contemporary practices.

Conny Huaki’s creation of the Mauri cards is a significant addition to the field. Their simple design, deep meaning, and broad relevance bear witness to her innovative approach. It’s a hands-on approach that garners respect and fits seamlessly with wider goals of enhancing mental and emotional well-being.


The mauri cards are a practical and important contribution to the fields of well-being and education. With foundations in Māori philosophy, they have effectively transformed the complex idea of Mauri into a tangible tool that promotes self-reflection, mental wellness, and personal development.

The six unique states of Mauri – Mauri Tau, Mauri Pouri, Mauri Noho, Mauri Oho, Mauri Moe, and Mauri Ora – allow for a thorough exploration of self-understanding. These cards will find relevance in different educational environments, including work with adult learners and Māori inmates. Their utility goes beyond teaching and serves as an instrument for individual discovery.

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