AIONCON 2020 is Live…!


What is AIONCON 2020?

In 2019 I made a bunch of new friends on Twitter. Yesterday, they launched an online conference that will change your life.

It’s FREE when you register with 11 speakers available today at this link.

The talks are streamed free and if you watch something that you like then you can sign up to purchase lifetime access.

If you decide you want to do this then there are two options

AIONCON – All Access Pass

The All Access Pass is USD$129 and gives you lifetime access to all of the video content.

This means you can watch the videos of presentations and talks whenever you want on any device.

AIONCON – VIP Package + All Access Pass

The VIP Package includes the All-Access Pass so you can watch the content anytime forever.

The VIP package is USD$249 and gives you lifetime access to more than a thousand dollars of premium digital content that comes bundled with the conference.

The VIP pass includes ebooks, courses, discounts and other cool stuff from the conference presenters.

This includes three eBooks by me.

You can purchase the VIP Package here.




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