AFTER: Just do it…! Assessing your learners’ literacy and numeracy progress

Reusing your contextualised literacy and numeracy assessments

Ok…! You should be set up for this already. Now is the time for you to go ahead and assess your learners’ literacy and numeracy progress. For most people, this means simply reusing your contextualised literacy and numeracy assessments from Assessment 5. This means that it’s more of a re-assessment for most people.

As mentioned, you’ll need to supply evidence for at least two learners. These should be the same two learners that you’ve been tracking through Assessments 5 and 6. You should scan or take a digital copy of the completed assessments for each.

Having a go with a collaborative assessment

There’s one more thing here. We’d like you to have a go at using a group collaborative assessment. There is a further explanation coming up on the next page and a template you can use.

Being able to conduct a group collaborative assessment is one of the requirements of the NZCALNE (Voc). We can’t sign off on the whole qualification unless we see evidence that you can do this.

You may do this as part of your regular practice anyway. If you do, feel free to use your existing evidence. If not, you can use or adapt our format to generate the evidence that you need.

Get the group to work together and complete this. We have a generic version coming up that you can use or modify. Or make your own if you need something more specialised. You’ll need to scan the results or make a digital copy as supporting evidence.

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