TEACH: I have my own ideas for literacy and numeracy activities… What should I do?

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If you’ve got your own ideas, you should experiment…! Go for it. Consider this your express permission to try new things.

Here’s the catch though:

  • Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Even with the best plans.

But that’s ok. It’s just feedback. It’s not a failure if you try something and it doesn’t work. That’s super helpful for what you do after that. Which might be amazing.

If you teach trades, do some kind of vocational training, or teach ESOL learners, you probably have lots of great ideas for literacy activities already. We’d like to encourage you to develop and use your own ideas based on the work that you’ve done already.

You’re now well equipped to make a judgement call on what kinds of embedded literacy and numeracy suit your learners best. After all, you have:

  1. Made a detailed examination of your own context for teaching and embedding.
  2. Looked at a range of frameworks, approaches and concepts that will help you teach better.
  3. Analysed your programme and some teaching resources in depth to see what the literacy and numeracy demands are.
  4. Developed both high-level programme strategies for embedding as well as specific learning outcomes to focus on key areas that your learners need to work on.
  5. Gathered broad and specific diagnostic information about your learners.

If you have an idea, you should feel confident pursuing it…! Even if it’s just to rule it out as an option.

That said, we can point you to a whole lot of great ideas that you can use or adapt in the Learning Progressions resources. We’re heading in that direction next.

Author: Graeme Smith

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