TEACH – How do I know whether I need to change my learning outcomes?


How do I know when to change my embedded LN learning outcomes?

It’s better for all of us if you can just stick with the learning outcomes that you designed in Assessment 4 and then used to create your contextualised diagnostics in Assessment 5.

However, there are some scenarios when you might want to make some changes. Just note that if you change direction here you’ll need to create and administer new contextualised diagnostic assessments so that you can supply both pre and post test scores later on.

Here are some reasons why people change their learning outcomes at this point:

  1. Too much time has elapsed: If it’s been a long time since you did the contextualised diagnostics you might want to change direction because your situation is different now.
  2. Your learners have changed: You might be teaching different learners to the ones that you started with. If that’s the case, you’ll need to reassess them anyway as the old data won’t apply.
  3. The needs or demands have changed: If you’re teaching new content, the literacy and numeracy demands might be different to your earlier analysis. Or, the needs of your learners might have changed as well.
  4. You’ve changed: It’s normal for your perspective on your work and learners to shift over time. You might be interested in taking a different approach now than what you thought you would do earlier in the course.

Ok… on to the learning outcome configurator next…!

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