Will literacy and numeracy professional development qualifications (NCALNE or NZCALNE) be compulsory for level 1 and 2 tutors from 2015?


This could be the writing on the wall with regards to levels 1 and 2 tutors:

  • From 2015, it is a likely requirement of SAC and Youth Guarantee funding that tutors at levels 1 and 2 have gained the National Certificate in Adult Literacy Educator (Vocational or Educator). If this requirement is confirmed we will expect TEOs to show they can meet it (TEC General Plan Guidance for 2015 and 2016 Guidance for TEOs seeking Plan-based funding from the TEC from 1 January 2015, p.17)

This is not actually a bad thing at all. However, it will certainly highlight those organisations and individuals who have strived to up-skill and increase their professional abilities in the area of embedded literacy and numeracy.

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Author: Graeme Smith

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