New Zealand Diploma of Adult Literacy & Numeracy (NZDipALN): First Big Project


Ok… so we’ll have to change this graphic to reflect the change in name from National Diploma in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (NDipALNE) to the New Zealand Diploma in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NZDALN) or something similar.

In terms of course content, what I’m planning is a couple of big projects that bookend several much smaller projects. It’s kind of crystal ball gazing at the moment as I don’t know how much the NZQA governance group is going to mess with the internal structure of the Diploma.

In any case, here’s an outline of what the first big project might look like:

Big Project 1: Embedded LN Programme

  • Task 1.1: Describe embedded literacy and numeracy provision along with some of the key characteristics and difficulties of adult learners in NZ with diverse needs. This will include commenting on some of the professional writing that addresses specific and relevant LN difficulties.
  • Task 1.2: Carry out an organisational adult LN needs analysis including assessing key adult learners that you’re going to work with on the big project. This will include writing a written report on your findings.
  • Task 1.3: Develop a plan to embed and deliver LN skills development. This will include a focus on two different subject areas, a case study of two particular learners and their needs in one of these areas, as well as an organisational LN plan to address your findings from Task 1.2.
  • Task 1.4: Develop a research-informed plan for formative assessment in the delivery of the organisation LN plan from Task 1.3. This will involve commenting on current research on formative assessment for adult literacy and numeracy.
  • Task 1.5: Design, deliver, assess, and evaluate your planned literacy and numeracy programme.

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