Concepts: What is Mana Reo?

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What is it?

Mana reo means developing communication skills.

Can we dig a little deeper?

Mana reo is literally the mana of language. This means the power or authority of language and communication.

For Māori, language (particularly the Māori language), prestige, land ownership, and culture are intimately connected.

How does this help describe a learner-centred teaching environment?

Mana reo helps describe a learner-centred teaching environment because it means developing the communication skills that learners need.

Mana reo also means means developing literacy and numeracy skills for all kinds of purposes. It includes being expressive and creative, and covers verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

  1. What do you do to develop your learners’ understanding of how to ‘read’ and respond to the world around them?
  2. What opportunities do you create for others to speak or use Te Reo Māori in your classroom or teaching environment?

2 thoughts on “Concepts: What is Mana Reo?

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