TEC Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy 2015 – 2019

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The TEC released the latest version of their literacy and numeracy strategy the other day. I’ve pasted in the info and links from their website below. From my side, the following things stand out:

  1. The TEC remains committed to strengthening the literacy and numeracy skills of New Zealanders.
  2. The NCALNE (Voc) remains the baseline qualification for foundation tutors working in this space.
  3. We might see the development of a cross-government national publicity campaign to reduce stigma around low literacy and numeracy skills, and demystify  and promote potential solutions to improving personal literacy and numeracy.


Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy 2015–2019

The Tertiary Education Commission has published its Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy 2015–2019.

The Strategy will guide our work in adult literacy and numeracy. It sets out how we will engage with the tertiary sector, with employers and across government from 2015 to 2019 to lift literacy and numeracy skills.

The Strategy has been developed following consultation with stakeholders in the tertiary sector and with employers.

Author: Graeme Smith

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3 thoughts

  1. The big shift I notice is toward workplace provision. That is going to be a major challenge to many organisations who are new to the domain. I assume a funding shift will compel organisations to move in that direction. It’ll mean new staff – new procedures – new management. From my experience, it takes quite a different ‘crew’ to manage workplace provision than in-house provision. Interesting to see if we get new innovations (great!) or more likely, an even worse adherence to number crunching than we do now.

  2. yes, you’re right re workplace provision… I think that the TEC have decided that it’s better value. Interesting to note that a lot of this work is still done by contractors, though. But not PTE contractors.

    Number crunching is like tax… always increasing. Still, it will be an interesting space to watch. Consulting opportunities for you perhaps…!

  3. Very interesting to watch indeed. It could actually dramatically change the shape of the sector re contractors, off-site work spaces etc. It appears to be cost effective – until you actually see one in action! The upfront investment is huge and not built into current funding models. Hence why many PTE’s have walked away and there is always extra funding left every year. Also, the ability to monitor and control a programme makes in-house provision seem like a cake walk.

    I think ALEC would be a perfect consultation partner. Resources, procedural knowledge, etc.

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