The ALEC (Anti) Marketing Plan

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I’m terrible at marketing. At least in the normal sense that people use the word. I recognise that now.

In the past we have spent a lot of time and money, including working with a professional marketing company and using online advertising to market ALEC’s education products and to develop marketing plans.

Mostly, this time and money has not generated much of a return on the investment. In fact, it’s been money wasted.

Our approach to marketing is now much more basic. We focus on

  1. Creating the best products and experiences that we can. We are specialists and we only deliver training and credentials for embedded literacy and numeracy. This means that our attention is not directed anywhere else.
  2. Working closely with our biggest customers to generate repeat business with them. For example, in 2013 and 2014 we’ve worked closely with the Department of Corrections and NorthTec to tailor our face-to-face delivery to meet their needs.
  3. Supporting the TEC’s infrastructure for literacy and numeracy. We actively promote the Learning Progressions, Pathways Awarua and Assessment Tool in our NCALNE (Voc) training and delivery.
  4. Taking an active role in the literacy and numeracy sector. This includes through blogging, attending and presenting at industry conferences, and taking part in special interest groups like the NZQA working group for the review of the ALNE qualifications.
  5. Maintaining an active online presence through a variety of social media channels. We are represented online through ALEC’s:
  6. Maintaining a good relationship with the TEC and keeping a close watch on their activities in the literacy and numeracy space.

This means that our best marketing comes from referrals including via our graduates, but also others working in industry, government departments, and in the education sector generally.

That’s how we do marketing… Got any better ideas? Let me know.


Author: Graeme Smith

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