Good News: TEC’s Report to the Minister on Adult Literacy & Numeracy Qualifications

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Just in… Great to see hear that the TEC has been able to report the following good news to the Minister of Education. Thanks to the TEC for supplying this information:

Assessment of the 2013 Adult Literacy Educator (ALE) Grants is complete and the results show good demand for the Grants with 97 per cent of the Grants assigned to providers by the TEC, allocated to students.

100 per cent allocation was achieved at Level 5 and with a small number of students to complete their National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education in early 2014, 100 per cent achievement is also expected.

For the Level 6 to 9 programmes, 88 per cent allocation was achieved.  Based on trends from previous years, we expect a high percentage to complete their qualification over the allocated timeframes.

Increased demand for ALE Grants to complete literacy and numeracy qualifications has been partly due to the changes to Youth Guarantee and Levels 1 and 2 SAC funding, with extra demands on small private providers to qualify their existing staff with adult literacy qualifications.

As there is still a shortage of tutors with the necessary specialised knowledge of literacy and/or numeracy learning skills to teach adults with major difficulties in literacy and numeracy learning, a good up-take of the ALE Grants at Levels 6-9 is expected to continue in 2014.

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