Cool blogs I read from time to time: Altucher Confidential, Gapingvoid, Austin Kleon


Procrastinate much…? Here are some of my internet heroes and favourite places to waste time reading:

  • James Altucher’s Altucher Confidential: This guy is one of my favourite internet characters. He’s really smart, has a great sense of humour, and has failed at just about everything you can fail at in business. He’s also just started a podcast radioshow. I listened to the first episode today which I downloaded from iTunes for free. Fantastic. I’ve got all his ebooks as well.
  • Hugh MacLeod’s Hugh is one of the internet’s coolest cartoonists. I read his blog, and I buy his books and art from time to time. He has some of the keenest insights on the web on marketing and creativity. Go and have a look… you’ll be inspired.
  • Austin Kleon is a writer who likes to draw. He’s also writing some great stuff about creativity at the moment. I’ve got his two most recent books and a couple of his prints on my walls at home. Like his buddy Hugh MacLeod, his work is highly visual, not academic, and highly easy to read and engage with.

None of this has anything to do with literacy and numeracy, but (and perhaps probably because of that) I find myself inspired in my own work by these guys…

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