ALEC Allstars & Corrections Presentation at this year’s Literacy and Numeracy Symposium

But you might ask a painter to teach L & N.001

This might not work on your mobile devices as I think it’s using flash video player, the quality is not terrific, and you can’t see the slides for the presentations… but, here’s the link to our presentation from earlier in the year where our newly minted ALEC graduates stole the show with their awesome work embedding literacy and numeracy into trades education inside the prison system.

If you’re one of the people who visits my site looking for literacy and numeracy jokes, you’re in luck. There are a couple on the video, but you’ll have to fast forward a couple of minutes until after Rachel’s introduction when I do my intro and overview of the training.

I can’t embed the video due to the flash player, but if you click here you’ll go through to the NCLANA site where they’ve posted the video. You’ll also have to scroll down to the second video which is ours. Not the top one that comes first.

At some stage, I’ll edit my own video footage together with the slides, and hopefully post this on YouTube in a series of much shorter segments.

It’s a long presentation, just short of an hour. But you’ll hear Rachel Bulliff, myself, and our team of three instructors each talk about the embedding work from different perspectives.

Aside: A few months after this presentation Rachel won the NCALNE International Literacy Day award for New Zealand.

Thoughts and comments below.

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