How do I access NCALNE Lite on Pathways Awarua?

It's your core business

Do you deliver trades or vocational  training at levels 1 – 3? If you do, then literacy and numeracy are your core business. And you need to make sure that your team have a clear understanding of how to embed literacy and numeracy.


Pathways Awarua and ALEC have teamed up to write write a series of online interactive modules for educators that go together with the NCALNE (Voc) training on how to embed literacy and numeracy into trades and vocational training.

This online training is now free and available as part of the Pathways Awarua suite of learning and teaching tools. These modules make up what we call the baseline skills and knowledge for embedding literacy and numeracy.

The first four of the eight modules are now live and we’ll have modules 4 – 7 finished over the next couple of months.

The question that you should be asking

  • How do I access these modules?

The short answer

  • You need to be registered as an educator on the Pathways Awarua website.

If you are already registered as an educator with Pathways Awarua

If you are already registered as an educator with Pathways Awarua then the new NCALNE Lite modules will be listed in the right-hand sidebar underneath the other Pathways Awarua professional development modules that you would have completed when you signed up.

If you are NOT already registered as an educator with Pathways Awarua

If you are not already registered as an educator with Pathways Awarua you will need to register on the website. This is easy, but there are a couple of steps involved:

Pathways Reg

  1. Go to the Educator Registration page and fill in the form. This is Step1 and displayed on the left hand side of your screen (see the screen shot above). A short time after, you will receive your educator join code by email.
  2. Go back to the Educator Registration page fill in the second form on the right hand side of your screen. This will set up your username and password.

That’s it… From there you should be able to login and access the NCALNE Lite online training.

Once you are registered in the system you have access to the original professional development modules created by Pathways Awarua to teach you how to use the system, as well as the new NCALNE Lite. You can complete them in any order although you do need to complete the original PD modules if you want to set up a class for your own learners. Email us at if you need help registering or using NCALNE Lite.

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